Infinity Fraternity

The Old Woodridgean Association Infinity Fraternity Initiative (OWIF)


As depicted by the infinity symbol, this initiative aims to start a trajectory of change and growth, that will, if well – executed, become the norm and flow from generation to generation of Woodridge Alumni – starting TODAY and continuing to infinity.

The aim of the OWIF is to kick-start a new era of growth and action to ensure the longevity of our school and encourage current students to become active members of the Old Woodridgean Association in the future. The initiatives will emphasise:

  • honouring the legacy of past students
  • inspiring current students and their families
  • enticing future students from Africa and abroad

The school’s unique focus on outdoor activities and its exquisite geographical location will be prominently utilised in our marketing efforts.

A strategic approach to OWIF fundraising will includes this stand-alone website with the provision of an online donation facility for donors ( via invoice ) and a redefinition of the Association’s mission and purpose in line with the infinity approach.

Our first major aim is to raise funds to renovate  the pavilion on the Knight Field – starting construction in late 2015 / early 2016. The renovated pavilion will include the relocation of the Old Woodridgean Club House (The Woodpecker) and a multi-purpose education centre.

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