Help !

Woodridge Family : It’s time to get among things : )


By now we hope you have realised that this is a very ambitious, ongoing project and for it to be a continuing success – we will require as much help as possible, in a variety of areas – and most importantly – not only putting your hands deep into your pockets ( although this is always appreciated ). We need to know about anything you may be good at.

Below are a few ideas to get your imagination fired up. If you think you have anything to offer please contact us and let us know who you know or what you are prepared to offer or do for our infinity project.

If you have a whole fundraising or awareness building idea ? Please share it with us now.

For Example : ( just to get you thinking and excited )

  1. Are you practically inclined or skilled in woodwork, lighting, plumbing or electrical services, play writing or doing small home maintenance jobs , – can you build a tree house, bind a book, or make a beautiful quilt for us to auction ?
  2. Do you have spare time ?  Can we call on you to assist us at our events or make follow up calls to donors to check details etc.?
  3. Are you just tired of that Original Renoir you have lurking about ?
  4. Like to talk ?- Can you promote our cause at a stall on Rugby Derby Days for a couple of hours or just get informed enough to tell all your generous friends ?
  5. Are you brilliant at organisation ? Can you turn someone else’s ideas turn into fabulous events if given a clear brief?
  6. Are you skilled or talented in ANY specific area – Can you use this skill to help us raise funds, offer a service and/or build awareness  of our beautiful and unique school ?
  7. Are you an ideas person?  Can you think of different, innovative ways to help us achieve our dreams for Woodridge? Submit your ideas now.
  8. Do you have a holiday home in Plett, a ski lodge in the Alps, a cottage in the Downs or a shack on the Kromme –  Can you offer it to us for a weekend or a week ( at a time to suit you) to be raffled or auctioned at an event /online?
  9. How about a farm visit – can you offer a visit to your farm for city folk to see what farming is all about, and perhaps have a real farm cooked meal?
  10. Can you cook, draw, sculpt, proof-read, write dazzling copy, take stunning photographs or perhaps give a talk or lesson sharing your knowledge on rare cactus’ or the specific style of Picasso?
  11. Do you own a business ? Could you give us gift voucher ?
  12. Lastly – Cash donations of any amount are also welcomed – Please click here for further information

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